Paige Mason

Storytelling, adolescence, and imagination is what can be found in my work; simple drawings that children gravitate to, but also simple drawings that evoke a sense of nostalgia for adults both old and young. The use of black, thick and thin lines create uniform, whereas the spots of color create details and rhythm of my illustrations. The characters or subjects in a piece are expressed and individualized by their features, clothing, or actions.


I do identify myself as a black artist, a black artist who likes to think outside of the box with my silly illustrations. The majority of my work features a young black child, who can be identified so with the swirls and curls in the hair, or maybe their nose shape. I want to introduce black characters in an imaginative way. Give them a sense of whimsy, like my daughter’s name, Jubilee. In my pieces you’ll be able to see a narrative that stems from my personal childhood, to a childhood that I imagine for my baby. I see this as an opportunity for a viewer to see my imagination through my art.