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Paige Mason

"Storytelling, adolescence, and imagination is what can be found in my work; simple drawings that children gravitate to, but also simple drawings that evoke a sense of nostalgia for adults both old and young." 

- Paige Mason


Paige Mason is a Central Valley-based freelance illustrator/artist who has had the pleasure to have called San Jose, CA “home” for six years with her family of five! She is currently living back in her hometown of Fresno where she welcomed her newest son, and continues to make art and teach art for a public elementary school. Paige has been extremely fortunate to still participate within the San Jose art community through Local Color, Nirvana soul Cafe, and SJMade.


When looking at Paige’s art, the viewer will be entranced by original characters who tell a story all through just one framed illustration. Her art stems from joy, whimsy, and the imagination of kids!


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